Tour of Hark Orchids Facility

Hark Orchid 

Tour of Hark Orchid, Dinner, White Elephant Exchange/ NEF Fundraiser

Hark Orchids, also known as Hark Orchideen, is a family owned German firm that is funding the construction of this new facility that will house its orchid propagation operation in the United States.
The facility is expected to mean 50 new jobs by the summer of 2013 to the Kalamazoo community and about 25 more in the following months. The facility currently under construction will be a 35,000-square-foot structure with specialized features designed to accommodate orchid propagation including a 30,000-square-foot laboratory and climatic chambers facility. CSM Group and Hark Orchids will be our tour guides.  View printable version (PDF)

Safety: Please wear pants (no shorts, skirts, or dresses). Please wear closed toe shoes that will allow for shoe covers.

After the tour: Dinner, Installation of New Members, and our Annual White Elephant Exchange at Brewsters Restaurant

Please bring with a gift that you were given that you would like to re-gift ($10-$20 value range). The re-gifts should be wrapped as temptingly as possible as they will be put up for auction during the dinner. Proceeds of the auction will be donated to the NAWIC Education Fund (NEF) Print flyer: Tour of Hark Orchids (PDF)

Please RSVP online by June 17, 2013 for the tour and dinner (run your own tab at dinner) or call Juliana Garner (269) 569-9333